Bio sculpture gel.

The gel is applied as an overlay on the natural nail. The permanent colour gel is strong and flexible, with a glossy finish which will last 3 weeks.

Bio sculpture gel is an advanced nail system that strengthens and conditions the nail. The flexibility of the gel moves with the nails, protecting them whilst letting them grow.

Bio sculpture has constantly led the market in innovation since its inception, bringing to the market the first colour gel.

It is also the first company in its class to under go a stringent independent clinical research trail and received a 5 star safety review.

Clear overlays £24.50

Colour & French Overlays £27.50

Nail Repair Per Nail £3

Infills £23

Soak off & Re apply £32.50

( recommended every third infill )

Soak off and shape & polish £12


Nail system international is the acrylic system that is used.

Nsi has been established since 1957 and has been producing high quality monomers, polymers and other nail enhancement products for the professional nail industry.

The acrylic system can be put over your natural nails and tip extensions.

The tips can be French, clear or coloured acrylic.

The treatment can be done with the natural file or the electric file. Depending on your personnel choice.


Fullset £32.50

Infills £26

Soak off £18

Soak off & shellac £25

Soak off & gel £30

Nail repair £3

(nail art charges apply)


Shellac is a mixture of the traditional  nail varnish and uv gel polish. It's is applied thinly so it looks like normal nail varnish. The beauty of this system is you are completely dry after the treatment so no smudging can occur. The treatment will give you 14 days flawless wear. With no damage to the natural nail when being removed.


It is best suited to people who have healthy nails and not those who are looking to lengthen their nails. If the natural nail is damaged and flakey. This system would not be advised.

Shape & Polish £10

Shellac £15

Mini Manicure £15

Mini Manicure & Shellac £23

Deluxe Manicure £27

Paraffin Wax Manicure £30

Soak Off £7

Soak Off & Redo £20

Shellac & prepaid soak off £20



Shape and polish.

Nails will be shaped to your requirements and a polish of your choice.
This treatment you could add shellac too.

Mini manicure.
A hand soak with a relaxing hand massage. Cuticle work. Shaping nails and a polish of your choice.
This treatment you could add shellac too.

Deluxe manicure.
Same as a mini manicure with a exfoliating massage up to  the elbow and a heated mitten treatment.
Paraffin wax manicure.
Same as a mini manicure. With a paraffin wax coating over the hand. This benefits the circulation and the smoothness of the skin.
Nail art.
Nail art can be done on natural nails or nail enhancements.
This can be done by hand or by transfers on the nails.
Also gems can be added within nail art or on their own to glam up the nail. 

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